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TEACH Baccalaureate and
Character Awards Night - May 26th, 2016 -

TEACH Graduation Ceremony - May 28th, 2016 -

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What do our members say

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Here is what TEACH families have to say about TEACH ...

"We entered TEACH not even knowing what character qualities were, just that we knew God wanted us to work on them. The TEACH character forms have been a blessing! I also appreciate TEACH's standards regarding dress, moral and spiritual growth! Keep up the good work!" DK

"TEACH continues to challenge us to the standard of excellence by regular accountability and rich feeding. Graduation was a blessing to our family and graduating senior. We are thankful for this fine accrediting group. TEACH is a hidden blessing. I'd like it to be made more visible and marketed. Many more people need what you have to offer but they don't know they need it yet." CM, St. Paul, MN

"TEACH has helped our student accomplish more than they thought possible. It motivates them to be more self-disciplined." MK, Minneapolis, MN

"TEACH has given me exactly what I was looking for, someone to look over my shoulder and make sure I am covering my son's needs. Your scheduling book is a wonderful tool. Because of the initial Orientation and Father's Meeting, my husband blesses my son and I each morning and it sets the day off on such an encouraging note!" TS, Prior Lake, MN

"Thank you for the Presidential Awards certificates and the organizing of all the field trips and special events, especially the ski trips and the retreat to Storybook Lodge. Thank you for the high standards TEACH promotes for Christ's honor and glory" EW, Minneapolis, MN

"The most important reason we joined and stay with TEACH is for the spiritual inspiration and the academic accountability. I think I would have quit home schooling a long time ago if TEACH hadn't provided reasons why home education is so important in today's society." MF, Champlin, MN

"We have a tendency to be laid back so TEACH has given us the motivation we need to do a good job. Our older (graduate) children have all thanked us for being a part of TEACH. They know it made a "good" difference in their lives." WG, Blaine, MN

"Thank you for establishing a good reputation. As soon as our superintendents see that we are with TEACH (we've lived in 3 different districts) they have no further questions. You have freed us up to concentrate on what we need to teach our children so we don't have to convince the local superintendent, nor our family, friends and relatives that we are doing a good job." DB, Minneapolis, MN